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Citizenship By InvestmentSecond Passport

From the outset our aim was to provide our clients with brokerage to second citizenship of another country other than their own for the purposes of either economy or liberty. Over the ensuing years our hardworking core staff has been implemented by a vast network of lawyers, partnering agents and banks that span the globe.

Our Solutions For Wealth Management

At we are committed to safeguarding our client’s wealth and assets through the creation of legal, regulated tax-advantaged devices and shelters. These include international business companies, limited liability companies, limited liability partnerships, trusts and foundations.

We provide offshore solutions for business people who are targeting long-term financial goals by giving them the financial security needed to navigate shifting economic landscapes.

Dynamism In An Ever-Changing Global Taxation Landscape

We live in an era where the US and E.U’s global tax policies are increasingly far-reaching. E.U governments project tax-friendly business climates to attract capital, while also seeking to maximize revenue through taxation.

Safe, Discreet Offshore Banking

To combat global taxation, has partnered closely with countries that have maintained offshore financial sectors via tax-advantaged regimes and robust legislation. These countries include Belize and Panama.

Offshore banking lies at the very heart of what we provide at Acquisition of a second passport to one of the nations listed above will lay the foundations for the tax-sheltered environment that is essential for wealth preservation and long-term business strategizing.

A Decade Of Broadening Horizons

For more than a decade has provided thousands of clients with a level of freedom (in terms of both economy and humanity) that had previously been denied them.

Through our dedicated support, countless individuals, families, investors and companies have benefited from the freedom and security which can only be gained by second citizenship.

We provide continued commitment toward broadening the scope for physical safety, international investment and financial flexibility, not only via tax-shelters and discreet banking, but also by virtue of the privileges inherited through the acquisition of second citizenship.’s Policy Of Privacy and Confidentiality

The name of the owner of an offshore International Business Company (IBC) can only be disclosed by order of a local court. adheres to these laws and respects their confidentiality.

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