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Why should I apply in a Costa Rican Citizenship Program?

As you may know, a citizenship program is a popular, progressively accepted and very popular practice of a nation making its citizenship and passport available through an investment program. In recent years, many Latin American countries have had a significant growth and have improved their economic and political status. All of these changes have made a difference and now, many foreigners seek to invest in these countries. Costa Rica is one of the countries in the Central American region that has had an important economic growth during the last decade. Most of its economic growth is due to tourism and the importance given...

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Benefits of second citizenship for entrepreneurs

Citizenship By Investment ● Second Passport When an entrepreneur establishes his company, one of his medium or long-term goals is to make his company grow and make his business expand to other cities and countries in the world. To achieve this type of goals, an entrepreneur needs to work hard, execute effective strategies,  invest, business partnerships that can help facilitate this process and most importantly, be free to travel to any part of the world. One of the most reliable alternatives that entrepreneurs take to achieve this type of goal is to acquire a second citizenship by investment. This provides many benefits from...

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