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Scottish Citizenship: How to get a scottish passport?

Scottish Passport

Citizenship By Investment ● Second Passport Are You Eligible for a Scottish passport? A number of British citizens are considering leaving the country thanks to the country’s decision to leave the European Union. A large portion of this crowd includes those who voted against Brexit, but lost by a small margin. British citizen have the option to get a second passport without having to give up their current nationality since England accepts dual nationality. However, many argue that the United Kingdom passport will lose its worth once Brexit comes fully into effect, since Brits may be required to hand red tape to travel...

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Benefits I could receive in a Nicaraguan Citizenship Program

With a second citizenship program, an applicant will not only become the resident of a new country, but it will gain multiple benefits such as visa-free access for numerous countries and financial stability. In the last few years, Central America has grown in different areas and every day, more entrepreneurs come to the region to improve their quality of life, expand their businesses and improve their financial status. Nicaragua is one of the countries in the Central American region that has made the biggest change in political and financial areas. This country has also become a place where many of today’s millionaires and billionaires...

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Why should I apply in a Costa Rican Citizenship Program?

As you may know, a citizenship program is a popular, progressively accepted and very popular practice of a nation making its citizenship and passport available through an investment program. In recent years, many Latin American countries have had a significant growth and have improved their economic and political status. All of these changes have made a difference and now, many foreigners seek to invest in these countries. Costa Rica is one of the countries in the Central American region that has had an important economic growth during the last decade. Most of its economic growth is due to tourism and the importance given...

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Reasons to apply in a Guatemala Citizenship Program

Obtaining a second citizenship can truly open up the world for you and you can obtain different benefits from this. Every day, more and more people are looking for a citizenship program in the world to which they can apply and get the benefits that they offer. In recent years, many people and entrepreneurs have been interested in Guatemala and have considered it as a strong option to obtain a dual citizenship. This beautiful Central American country offers great advantages that can not be obtained in other countries of the world. One of the benefits that most call the attention of people...

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World passport ranking for 2018

A passport is an important document with international validity that is issued by the authorities of its respective country and gives a legal permission to a person to leave or enter the same, by any ports or international airport. Each country has its own rules and restrictions when it comes to receiving a visit from a foreigner. Depending on the relationship between the nations, admission is allowed only with a passport, in other cases, the traveler needs to apply for a visa in order to enter the country. Over the years, people and entrepreneurs have been looking for a way to get...

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Top 5 countries to invest in Latin America

For many years, Latin American countries have not been seen with good eyes in the world due to the constant economic instability, the social problems they face and the political situation in which many countries of the region are. Recently, many of these countries have risen, improved the country's overall situation and have stabilized many aspects that caused many trouble a couple of years ago. This improvement has opened many doors and many entrepreneurs have started to invest in these countries. Due to this new scenario, many private entities have taken the task of investigating which are the best countries to invest...

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Top Latin America Passports For Visa-Free Travel

The freedom to travel to multiple destinations in the world without the need of a visa for each one of the countries they visit is one of the advantages that people look for today. The experience of traveling freely gives the traveler security and allows them to visit hundreds of countries only using a passport. The passports of the Latin American countries are very popular in the world because, with them, you can visit more countries in the world without the need of a visa. But how do some countries give free access to the inhabitants of another nation only with the...

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Questions to ask before applying in a citizenship program

The popularity of citizenship programs has grown exponentially in recent years in the world. Every day, people start this adventure and make the decision to apply to one of these programs. One of the biggest reasons that people have to apply to these type of programs is the great benefits they obtain with a dual citizenship. But, it is important that before you apply in one of these programs, you have to consider several points to make the best decision. Here we have for you some important questions you need to ask yourself before applying to one of these programs so you can...

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Why is it a Central American passport a good option?

Citizenship By Investment ● Second Passport In the modern world, having a second passport or citizenship is one of the most beneficial acquisitions an individual can get. This gives a lot of advantages that vary depending on the country from which a citizenship is obtained. The passports of some Central American countries are highly popular worldwide due to the many advantages and benefits they offer to an individual when traveling around the world. Passports from countries such as Nicaragua, Guatemala, and Costa Rica are very valuable and listed in the Top Ten best Latin America passports due to the large number of nations...

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Benefits of second citizenship for entrepreneurs

Citizenship By Investment ● Second Passport When an entrepreneur establishes his company, one of his medium or long-term goals is to make his company grow and make his business expand to other cities and countries in the world. To achieve this type of goals, an entrepreneur needs to work hard, execute effective strategies,  invest, business partnerships that can help facilitate this process and most importantly, be free to travel to any part of the world. One of the most reliable alternatives that entrepreneurs take to achieve this type of goal is to acquire a second citizenship by investment. This provides many benefits from...

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