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Top Latin America Passports For Visa-Free Travel

The freedom to travel to multiple destinations in the world without the need of a visa for each one of the countries they visit is one of the advantages that people look for today.

The experience of traveling freely gives the traveler security and allows them to visit hundreds of countries only using a passport.

The passports of the Latin American countries are very popular in the world because, with them, you can visit more countries in the world without the need of a visa. But how do some countries give free access to the inhabitants of another nation only with the passport?

This is because there is an index indicating the level of economic stability, political stability and the relations or treaties that both countries have.

Visa-Free Travel

According to a study conducted in mid-2017 by a recognized private entity, these are the Top Latin America Passports For Visa-Free Travel and a number of countries you can visit with that passport.

  • Brasil – 144 countries
  • Argentina and Chile – 143 countries
  • Mexico – 132 countries
  • Uruguay – 129 countries
  • Costa Rica and Peru – 123 countries
  • Paraguay and Venezuela – 119 countries
  • Panama – 117 countries
  • El Salvador and Honduras – 114 countries
  • Guatemala – 113 countries
  • Colombia – 107 countries
  • Nicaragua – 105 countries
  • Belize – 85 countries
  • Ecuador – 78 countries
  • Bolivia – 70 countries


One of the most popular alternatives in the world to obtain these benefits is to acquire a second passport by investment. This document will not only give you the opportunity to travel to all these destinations but also you will be able to make your finances grow and have a better life quality.

Another advantage is that most of the previously mentioned Latin American countries have different programs to which a person or entrepreneur can apply to obtain a second passport.

If you need more information about this type of program, please contact us at we can help you answer all your questions.