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Costa Rica Citizenship By Investment Program

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In the past two decades, Costa Rica has become one of the most desirable destinations on the planet for vacations, invest in real estate and even to live in the country, thanks to its mixture of natural beauty, friendly local people and a government that pushes ecology to the forefront. The great news is that you too can become a Costa Rican citizen and passport holder via

If there was a poll for the “Coolest Country In The World”, which one would you think it will win? Lots of people would vote for Spain because geographically it has everything, plus flamenco. France has the language and the wine or Italy has the food, the fashion, and Ferrari.

However, Costa Rica would be a strong contender since it’s a country so beloved by its neighbors, is rich in gold, and banned mining to protect their own environment. This country sets an example to every other nation in the world on how to take care of the planet. The country has been voted many times as “The Friendliest Country in the World”.

Costa Rica – The Friendliest Country In The World

The Central American Republic of Costa Rica earned the tag of “the Friendliest Country in the World” from travel websites, vacación writers, and ecotourists that were blown away by a little country with an enormous heart. How is it possible that a Central American country with more than 51,100 km2 and a population of 4.5 million people can score so highly on the Human Development Index (HDI) rankings, in education, healthcare, the standard of living, quality of life and safety? Costa Rica achieves all that and more.

Costa Rica leads the world when it comes to caring about the environment and ecosystem. This nation is also considered as one of the most biodiverse locations on the planet. Costa Rica is home to nearly 500,000 species of wildlife, including hundreds of birds, animals and insects species that are unique in the world.

The country certainly isn’t lacking in the economy stakes, and despite its small size, Costa Rica’s annual GDP (Gross Domestic Product) is hefty of $70 billion plus, very impressive for a Latin American country with less than five million people. Its industries include tourism, coffee, farming, fishing, as well as the manufacture of microprocessors and medical equipment.

Why should I To Obtain Costa Rican Citizenship By Investment?

A Citizenship by Investment program (CBI) grants a foreign investor the opportunity of gaining the citizenship and passport of a second nation in return for a financial investment in a real estate purchase or charitable donation to a governmental institution or foundation. If you are a citizen of a controlling state led by a despotic leader or government, you will be only too aware of how restrictive and indeed stifling and suffocating such citizenship can be, both personally and in business terms. Citizenship by investment is a godsend in such cases, and invariably changes the individual’s life in a positive way.

Officially, Costa Rica has a residency by investment program rather than a citizenship by investment program, however, can speed up the waiting process for citizenship eligibility from years to months, effectively turning into a CBI program.

Investment Requirements For Costa Rican CBI

Interested investors will be required to invest a minimum of US$200,000 in any form of business or real estate purchase, as long as it occurs in Costa Rica and benefits local people.

Benefits of Costa Rican Citizenship

A successful applicant who becomes a Costa Rican citizen and passport holder will enjoy multiple benefits including:

  • Ownership of one of the most desirable passports in the world, and one that commands instant respect.
  • Visa-free access to more than 130 countries including all of Latin America, Mexico, Western Europe in its entirety (the UK and Ireland included), areas of Africa and Asia and virtually all of the Far East including Japan and South Korea.

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