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Costa Rica Citizenship By Investment Program

Citizenship By Investment ● Second Passport In the past two decades, Costa Rica has become one of the most desirable destinations on the planet for vacations, invest in real estate and even to live in the country, thanks to its mixture of natural beauty, friendly local people and a government that pushes ecology to the forefront. The great news is that you too can become a Costa Rican citizen and passport holder via If there was a poll for the “Coolest Country In The World”, which one would you think it will win? Lots of people would vote for Spain because...

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Belize Citizenship By Investment Program

Citizenship By Investment ● Second Passport Belize's second citizenship programs are not as well-known as the other Central American programs from Nicaragua, Guatemala, and Costa Rica. In the last few years, Belize has established itself as a popular location for offshore banking and has the potential to conquer the citizenship by investment market as well. The state of Belize, which was previously known as British Honduras, is a beautiful country located in Central America.  This beautiful country is bordered by Mexico and Guatemala and it's coastline to the Atlantic Ocean. It is the only nation in Central America whose official language is...

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Nicaragua Citizenship By Investment Program

Nicaragua Citizenship by Investment Program

Nicaragua is a beautiful Central America country that has an enticing mixture of bustling towns, cities reflecting a growth in the nation's economy, fabulous beaches, and dense rainforests perfect for ecotourists. All of these reasons have taken this country to now be considered as the “new Costa Rica”. It also has become a place where many of today’s millionaires and billionaires are looking to invest, and even base themselves. The Spanish influence is present in most towns in Nicaragua, even in Managua, where classic Spanish architecture sits alongside modern high-rise structures. From the 16th century until 1821, Nicaragua was a Spanish colony,...

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Central America Citizenship By Investment Program

Citizenship By Investment programs gives applicants different advantages that will change their life and business. Among the benefits, they can receive is the possibility of traveling to multiple destinations without a requirement of a visa, a low investment and a financial stability. The programs available in the countries of this region have become very popular in recent years due to the benefits offered by a Central American passport, the low cost to obtain it and the multiple opportunities that open up with this document. At we have available CIB programs in 5 of the Central American countries. Each one of it has...

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Guatemala Citizenship By Investment Program

Citizenship By Investment ● Second Passport Guatemala has long been a desirable location for foreign investors searching for second citizenship and a powerful passport. The Guatemalan passport ranks in the world’s Top-100, and its second citizenship program is one of the most economical in today’s ever-growing market. This Central American nation borders Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras and Belize and has coastlines to both the Pacific and the Atlantic Ocean. Guatemala is famous for its Mayan ancestry, ruins, artifacts and heritage, its deep dense rainforests, its stunning coastlines which lend themselves to all types of water activities and the friendly locals. As a...

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El Salvador Citizenship By Investment Program

El Salvador Citizenship by Investment Program

Citizenship By Investment ● Second Passport The Republic of El Salvador is the smallest country in the region with nearly 21,500 km2 of area and a population over 6 million, making it the most densely populated country in Central America. El Salvador shares frontiers with Guatemala, Honduras, and coastlines with the Pacific Ocean. Its economy is dominated by agriculture, the manufacturing sector, and tourism, as it offers a variety of beautiful beaches perfect for surfing, a nice weather, and very friendly people. The colon was the official currency of this country but in 2001, the government replaced it with the US Dollar. What legally results from obtaining a second...

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