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The Cheapest Passports & Citizenship By Investment Programs To Buy

Citizenship By InvestmentSecond Passport

Just like yachts and jets, the modern, high-flying businessperson will likely have a very expensive second passport in their briefcase, one that can take them places their original passport couldn’t. However, it’s not just the mega-rich who can obtain a second passport, and there are some excellent examples out there that are much cheaper than you might think.

There was a time when the very idea of purchasing a passport was synonymous with the novels of John Le Carre or Frederick Forsythe, or any number of 60s and 70s spy movies. More recently, it was Jason Bourne who brought back the image of an individual with multiple passports. However, these days, owning two or more passports is the domain of the high-powered jet-setting international businessperson, whose original passport is underpowered, and so has acquired second citizenship and the kind of passport that is essential for world travel.

It is now possible to effectively purchase a passport via a citizenship by investment program, and in the past decade literally hundreds of thousands of businesspeople from around the world have been more than happy to do exactly that.

Why Businesspeople Need Second Citizenship

If you are a successful business person living in a land with a controlling, restrictive government that does its level best to annoy and antagonize Western nations at every opportunity, you will be only too aware that while the politicians of your country rejoice in behavior that they perceive to be antagonistic, the reality is nothing more than sanctions and travel restrictions for honest hardworking citizens like yourself.

You may have been very successful in business within your own country, possibly even expanding  your business to trade with your closest neighbors, but all while you feel that at any given time, the secret police could come for you, throw you and your family in jail, confiscate your fortune and in an instant erase your life, your dreams, your ambitions.

You would love to be able to travel to the West and try to expand your business further in larger and more lucrative markets, but you feel hamstrung by your weak passport and the need to apply for visas every time you wish to travel to any Western country. On top of that, because of your citizenship, you are often viewed suspiciously, and when entering a foreign country you are interviewed – sometimes for several hours – before you are allowed into the country, an experience which is embarrassing, humiliating and demoralizing.

Citizenship by Investment

The fact that you are visiting this website and reading this article means that it is more than likely have you have heard the term “citizenship by investment” and you are familiar with CBI and how it works. However, unless you have been very successful in your business and money is not an issue, chances are you aren’t in a position to spend several million euros purchasing property in Austria, Cyprus or Malta in order to fulfil your EU CBI demands.

If at least for the time being you are more interested in obtaining one of the cheapest passports that you can legally acquire, luckily for you, there are several excellent options that you can consider, located in the sunny confines of the Caribbean and Central America.

The Five Cheapest Passports Available Today

Below are the five most economical CBI and investor visa programs available today. While the three Central American programs are officially listed as residency by investment programs, if they are purchased visa, they will effectively become citizenship by investment programs, as their period of residency before citizenship is reduced from years to a matter of months.

  1. Costa Rica citizenship by investment program

  • An investment of $200,000 will grant an applicant the prestigious position of becoming a Costa Rican citizen and passport holder (if investment is made using
  • The investment can be in the form of a business or real estate purchase, and can include expenditure on vehicles, boats etc purchased within Costa Rica.
  • Costa Rica is one of the most admired countries in the world and a leader in the fields of finance, economy, technology and ecology.
  • Costa Rica is a member of CARICOM.
  • The Costa Rican passport has visa-free access to 134 countries worldwide, including Europe in its entirety, East, Central and West.


  1. Saint Lucia citizenship by investment program

  • A non-refundable financial contribution to Saint Lucia’s National Economic Fund (NEF) for US$100,000 guarantees second citizenship and a passport to the holiday paradise that is Saint Lucia.
  • The Saint Lucia CBI program is the newest on the market, and was only introduced in 2016.
  • The Saint Lucia passport has visa-free access to 125 countries.
  • Saint Lucia is a member of CARICOM (Caribbean Community), the Caribbean equivalent of the European Union.
  • Like many Caribbean islands, Saint Lucia is famous for being a tax haven, with offshore banking that is world renowned for privacy and discretion.


  1. Dominica citizenship by investment program

  • A non-refundable charitable donation of $100,000 grants an investor citizenship and a passport to the beautiful, unspoiled island nation of Dominica.
  • Dominica’s CBI program has been operating since 1993, and is well established.
  • The Dominican passport has visa-free access to 119 countries, more than double that of most Asian, Middle Eastern and African passports.
  • Like Saint Lucia, Dominica is a recognized tax haven, famed for its offshore banking.
  • Dominica is a member of CARICOM


  1. Nicaragua citizenship by investment program

  • A refundable $100,000 investment into the Nicaraguan “Sociedad Anónima” corporation or a real estate purchase within Nicaragua for a minimum value of $100,000 grants an investor Nicaraguan citizenship and passport if purchased via
  • Like neighbors Costa Rica, Nicaragua is blessed with dense rainforests, beautiful beaches and an abundance of Mayan relics and ruins, making it a perfect location for tourists and holidaymakers.
  • The Nicaraguan passport has visa-free access to 112 countries, more than double most African, Asian and Middle-Eastern passports.
  • The Nicaraguan passport has visa-free access to both Eastern and Western Europe.
  • The forthcoming Nicaragua Canal will be twice as wide as the Panama Canal, handling vast tonnage of shipping traffic from the Atlantic to the Pacific daily, and will turn Nicaragua into a world business hub.


  1. Guatemala citizenship by investment program

  • Guatemala is the best value residency/CBI program in the world, and can be obtained with a $75,000 refundable government bond purchase.
  • If the investment is made via, full Guatemalan citizenship and passport cab be acquired in just three months.
  • Guatemala has a powerful passport with visa-free access to 119 countries.
  • Like Costa Rica and Nicaragua, the Guatemalan passport has visa-free access to all countries in both Western and Eastern Europe.
  • Guatemala is a recognized tax haven, famed for the privacy and discretion of its banks.


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